Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living Vicariously Through Dave

If nothing else I must say 2011 has been a year of non trips. Because of my schedule and family life, any trips I wanted to take this year had to be rigidly planned. Anything that interfered with that schedule effectively cancelled the outing. A breakdown, a hurricane named Irene, and a couple of illnesses all have one thing in common - zero miles of backpacking. That's not to say I haven't gotten out. It's just that the ratio is tipped the wrong way. That's where Dave comes in.

Dave and I attend the same church, and until recently we both were involved in the same ministry. We also share a common love of the outdoors (especially all things involving hiking in Maine) and I think of him as a brother and friend.  I haven't been to Maine in about 5 years (I will get back soon I hope) but Dave manages to get there two or three times a season. Each time he gets out, Dave sends me a photo of the latest peak he has climbed. Unfortunately I'm somewhat technically challenged, so I haven't figured how to get the first few off my phone, but here are some of the latest offerings from Arcadia:

One day we'll share a peak together, and I'll get to pass the pics on to someone else in need of an "outdoors fix".

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