Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's gonna be a busy year!

It appears we're going to have a busy year at E2E, as well as Trail Ready. I haven't posted any new vids because I am in the process of building a new computer for HD video editing, as well as for general business ops at End2End Trail Supply .

Just a peek at what's coming up:

In two weeks my crew and I will be hiking a section of the Black Forest Trail in Pennsylvania (with testing of the new Evernew DX Set, and the new Granite Gear Escape AC60, and pics or video to follow).

Memorial Day weekend finds us in Damascus, Virginia for 3 days (1 day of hiking Grayson Highlands w/ blooming rhodies and wild ferrel ponies, 1 day of biking the Viginia Creeper Trail, and 1 day of whitewater rafting).

In June we'll be doing a floattube trip down the Brandywine River, while July finds us on the Susquehannock Trail eating blueberries on the ridgetops.

We're also in the process of a few changes at E2E. Our manufacturing portion of the company is going to fall under a new name, soon to be disclosed. We're also developing two new stoves, and have a bivy and tarp that will come to market this year under our new label.

Finally, Trail Ready - the video series, will make it's debute. It's primary purpose is education, with a focus on techniques (tarp camping, UL backpacking, etc), gear reviews, and trip reports. We have a schedule of about 15 videos to shoot (not including the trips I named above), and so far about three are scripted.

Busy indeed!I hope you"ll check back often and see where the trail leads us!