Monday, May 30, 2011

Great stuff from mrbabelfish5!

As I type this I am enjoying a recipe from Mrbabelfish5 of youtube fame. I'm planning to get a dehydrator very (VERY) soon, and thought I'd try some recipes I found online. Today I gave Aztec Chicken Stew a whirl. I'll include the video at the end of the post, but I just wanted to highlight a change I made to the recipe.

I don't like squash, so I substituted the squash with Knorr's Buffalo Chicken side dish.
I made half of what the recipe called for, and one package of Knorrs was perfect for that amount. Just be sure to add a little extra chicken broth so your stew doesn't dry out, and add the rice about 7 minutes before you're done cooking.

Just a note a day later....loved the meal. If you like it spicy this one's for you!

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